Getting started

Notify offers client libraries in a range of languages to make integration easy. Get started right away by installing a client that matches your development environment.


Installing your Notify library

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Set up Notify client

The Notify client needs to be set up so that it can access your organisation's service. Log in to Notify and create or find the service you want to use, go to Services › API integration › API keys to create or manage API keys.

Create an API key by navigating to API keys › Create an API key. You and your team will lose the ability to view this key in the dashboard after you create it as a security precaution. You'll need to generate a new key if you ever lose track of them.

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Unsupported languages

We're not ready to expose our REST API directly. If you use a programming language that we don't support, please get in touch with us and we can work something out.