Send a message

You can use Notify to send text messages and emails.

This API allows you to send text or email notifications to users and track their progress. You might send out notifications in response to some user-generated event, like sending someone a receipt after they apply to your service. You might also send out notifications as a reminder, like if a payment is due.


Getting ready

To send a message in Notify, you’ll need to set up a template in the user interface. Go to Services › Templates › Add a template to get started.

Once you’ve got a template ready, find the template ID associated with it. You’ll need that ID to specify which template you want to use when you call our API.


Personalisation allows you to change what shows up in a specific message as it gets sent out. You might use personalisation to:

  • Address a user by their name
  • Provide users with a specific link to click
  • Send a unique transaction number as a follow up
  • Give users a dynamically generated list of actions they need to take

Your API call must include any fields that have been set up as personalisations.

List fields

A list field allows you to include a nicely formatted list of things in your message. A list field looks just like an ordinary field in your template.

For example, your Notify template might look like this:

Dear ((name)), please bring these documents to your appointment:


In this example, ((documents)) looks just like ((name)) but its intent is to become a nicely formatted list of documents.

Notify allows you to convert this field into a list in the generated message. To do this, your code should pass in a list of things as the value of the personalisation field, instead of a string.

For example, in JSON you could pass an array of strings where each string is one of the required documents:

  "name": "Kim",
  "documents": ["Driver licence", "Medicare card", "Passport"]

Generated emails will display the list as bullet points:

Dear Kim, please bring these documents to your appointment:

• Driver licence
• Medicare card
• Passport

Generated text messages will display the list inline:

Dear Kim, please bring these documents to your appointment:

Driver licence, Medicare card and Passport

Sending an email

Notify allows you to send email messages one-by-one. You should configure these messages in user interface for each service.

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Sending an SMS

Sending an SMS is similar to sending an email. Send them one-by-one to a recipient. If you set up a reply number in the Notify interface, you’ll be able to capture replies from your users.

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